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Govt. of India, Corporate Sector and foreign funding agencies have made available a large cache of funds for the purpose of taking up welfare activities for underprivileged section of the society. In keeping with the development needs, such funds are increased periodically. However, it is also observed that organizations associated with developments are often not able to tap these funds to pursue programmes projects in their chosen sectors of operation. The reasons for this are many and they are often not in the ambit of the development agencies to address mostly because the development agencies are focused on their task of implementation. The net result is that many NGOs are not able take advantage of the opportunities available to them for raising funds. In view of the difficulties faced by these voluntary sectors NGO SYSTEM INDIA was formed to provide professional services and act as a catalyst for obtaining grant-in-aid from different sources. It is always transparent in dealings with donors, partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders alike except in matters relating to proprietary information of its clients.

Our organization works as a link between NGOs working in different parts of India and donor agencies. We provide support system to NGOs in the field of project identification, design, implementation, sustainability and fund raising. Our proposals are formulated after painstaking research, detailed study of the client's range of activities, an intrinsic knowledge of the different options possible for financial support, a solid network with support agencies developed after long and sincere association with them. We at NGO SYSTEM INDIA have a wide range of professionals to render precise support to our valued clients across the country. These professionals are supported by appropriate office infrastructure and an exhaustive database of support documentation..

Government & Institutional Fund Raising -

We have a data base of Institutions/bodies both for India & Foreign. These bodies donate huge money for the development work for the underprivileged section of the society. A project proposal mentioning the work area of the NGO, their plan & implementation programme with audit strategy is required for Institutional or government funding.

Corporate Fund Raising -

We observe that corporate fund raising in NGO sector has increased in comparison to other fund raising techniques. For a NGO, CFR means raising resource from organization (who has an agenda for corporate social responsibility) for a cause of serious concern to the society.
We provide our service so that substantial resources can be raised by tapping profitable corporate and socially responsible organizations.

Foreign funding -

There are various foreign funding agencies and foreign trusts who support worthy causes such as, Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, DFID, NORAD etc. It is possible to get funding from them provided they are well sensitized and are approach at appropriate level. We provide adequate research and care to ensure that the proposal is well written and matches the agenda of the donor. A FCRA account is required for seeking foreign donation/support/aid.

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