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The purpose of an Annual Report is to ensure that your organization communicates its past performance and future goals in a clear and concise way so as to convince and attract your shareholders and donors to continue their contributions.

Why it is important to write Annual Report -

An Annual Report is a single tool of marketing of NGO which is sent to various stakeholders of organization. Purpose of sending an annual report is to familiarize them with organization's objectives, mission, projects and people. Annual Report is very significant document for the donors of organization. Organization establishes its accountability towards their donors through annual report. In annual report, donors should be given concrete evidences of activities for which they have paid an amount. Annual report is a piece through which organization shows that donations made by them are used wisely. Annual report is a general document which helps organization in generating their trust in the society. Key purposes of having an Annual Report are as under:-

  • 1: Submission of annual report is mandatory for any NGO at the time of filling their returns
  • 2: Annual report is given to donors, stakeholders, partners, and people with public figure to inform them about activities and impact of NGO
  • 3: Annual Report as an important instrument to establish credibility of organization Essentials of good Annual Report:
  • 4: The Annual Report contains a description of the main activities, a review of the progress and results achieved in the year; and information on the Board members' names, position in the Board, remuneration or reimbursement and should contain brief financial details
  • 5: Maintain a right balance between an informative and creative part of annual report.
  • 6: The design of your annual report is as important as its content. Both works together to project a professional image of your organization.
  • 7: Innovative graphic designs should be given in Annual Report to meet your projects goals
  • 8: Annual Report requires to be properly conceptualized with suitable size, format and paper
  • 9: People should feel "wow" while picking up your annual report.
  • 10: Be environment friendly and email your annual reports to stakeholders.

Annual Report is must for Fundraising.

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